Gold nanorods can mediate photodynamic effects at near-infrared light

Numerous previous research results have shown that gold nanorods (Au NRs) are able to effectively kill tumors upon irradiation with high laser doses, leading to hyperthermia-induced destruction of cancer cells (photodynamic therapy, PTT). In new work, researchers have demonstrated for the first time that bare gold nanorods alone can exert unprecedented photodynamic therapeutic (PDT) effects Continue reading →

Towards perfect control of light waves

Researchers have constructed a detector, which provides a detailed picture of the waveforms of femtosecond laser pulses. Knowledge of the exact waveform of these pulses enables scientists to reproducibly generate light flashes that are a thousand times shorter – lasting only for attoseconds – and can be used to study ultrafast processes at the molecular Continue reading →

No nano-dust danger from facade paint

After 42 months the EU research project NanoHouse has ended, and the verdict is a cautious ‘all clear’ – nanoparticles in the paint used on building facades do not represent a particular health risk.

Viewing macro behaviors of ultra-cold quantum gases through the micro-world

Researchers have been able to observe, for the first time, the collective spin dynamics of ultra-cold fermions with large spins.

Fabrus Obtains Chimerasome Nanoparticle Technology

Fabrus, Inc., a San Diego based antibody discovery company, announced today that it has obtained worldwide exclusive rights to Chimerasome nanocage technology originally developed by Chimeros, Inc.

Tailoring precise nanostructures for drug-delivery, nanoelectronics and more

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University have received a $540,000 federal grant to devise methods for building minute structures tailored to precisely deliver medicines to tumors or carry dyes that help imaging technologies detect disease, create more efficient nanowires and nanoelectonics, and more.

Imec and AlixPartners to Develop Model Aimed at Lowering Costs of Advanced Semiconductor Technology

Patterning options for N10/N7 nodes, advanced packaging solutions and 3D NAND memory to be targeted.

CVD Files Provisional Patents for CVD Graphene Scale-Up

CVD Equipment Corporation, a leading provider of custom chemical vapor deposition systems, today announced that it has filed provisional patents covering production of larger size and higher quality CVD graphene in increased quantity and at a lower cost.

Engineers create light-activated ‘curtains’ with carbon nanotubes (w/video)

Forget remote-controlled curtains. A new development by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, could lead to curtains and other materials that move in response to light, no batteries needed.

Researchers succeed in making a graphene structure with a 3D strutted framework

A research group of the NIMS International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (MANA) succeeded for the first time in the world in making products with a structure wherein ultrathin graphene is glued to a 3D strutted framework. This was achieved by a novel and unique method inspired by the blown sugar art, which can be called Continue reading →

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