Anchor Science’s Motto

Temperature (T) establishes fundamental metrics for physical and chemical sensors.

Our Offering:

Anchor Science is innovating by using carbon nanomaterials and composites for temperature control in a range of applications: cooling, sensing, energy efficiency, EMF shielding for improved performance in semiconductor and related industries. Our specialty is thermal conductivity that reversibly changes with temperature. Anchor Science provides consulting and development services in these areas: electrically and thermally conductive coatings, thermal management, nanocarbon composites materials, particle alignment, nanostructures, thermal, chemical and biosensors.

Who we are:

Anchor Science is a company with patent pending technology and experienced scientists looking for development partnerships.

Anchor Science History

  • 2008 and 2009: Anchor Science was selected as a “Company to watch” by the Connecticut Technology Council in the most promissing new technology category in 2008 and 2009 for developments in our temperature sensing nanocomposites.
  • 2007: Foresight Science and Technology gives “GO” evaluation to our temperature sensing nanocomposites.
  • 2005 Technical Breakthrough: Demonstrate Ohmic behavior of an ink-jet printed carbon nanocomposite at the European Coatings Conference “The Power of Ink-jet Materials III”, December 1 -2, 2005, Berlin, Germany.
  • 2005: Anchor Science was founded by Ewa S. Kirkor, Alexander Scheeline, and April Schricker.

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